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Guesthouse . Cafe . Bar 

Stay like a local

We support your IZU trip so that your heart will soar.


Torus is the unique guesthouse run by a travel-lover couple who met overseas. 


It has two buildings conjoined and 4 private rooms. We refurbished the buildings wholeheartedly with friends. 


This is not just “a hostel” or “a guesthouse”. 

Our aim is to make the place homey with a “slow” and “cozy” atmosphere.



"CAFE&BAR”      Coming soon 

"MORNING CAFE”   8:00〜10:00  


We proudly have Cafe&Bar with a Library.


Here travelers and locals are crossed over.

We offer good music, delicious coffee, alcohols, drinks and snacks. Read book in silence, take a break or interact with people. Please enjoy the place in your way.


MORNING CAFE offers a morning plate with natural yeast bread from a local bakery which is popular in the farmer’s market.




“観光(kanko)” is a Japanese word for tourism.

It literally means “see(観) the light(光)”.

You may find “the light” in scenery of a moment.

In food, hand-crafted work, happening or encounter with things or people.


We will support your journey to find “the light” with the sincerest attitude.

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